Getting our hair did in Ho Chi Minh City.

Lu Lu is short for Leiha and Su. We thought it sounded better than SuLeiha plus, it was a way to get my initial in there first. 🙂

We first met in 2004 (seems like we’ve known each other even longer). We both belonged to the same romance reader message board RBL Romantica. Was our online home for a long time until social media came along. RBL members were all over the world and they started to have once a year trips to Vegas so that we could get together in person. I had been going a few years already when Su announced that she would be joining us. The funniest thing about this is, it’s the first time Su ever posted. While I commented on everyone’s post (because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings) she never commented. But our response was fantastic, can’t wait to meet you!

Tequila shots in Cozumel.
Tequila shots in Cozumel.

I opened the door to RBL Central and Su hopped into my arms and that was the introduction of her into my life. Eventually, our once a year gathering in Vegas became a trip to New Orleans, then the Jersey Shore and so on and so on and so on. Every place I’ve moved to in the last 12 years Su has come to visit. If I plan a trip, it’s pretty much a given that Su will be joining me. I had a girls weekend planned in FL and she surprised us, she hates to miss a party! We see her about 4 times a year which is pretty awesome considering that we live in different states. There are people who live near me who I see less.

Enjoying the pool in Mazatlan.
Enjoying the pool in Mazatlan.

Besides being two hot Asians we are extremely different yet there are things we do have in common. We love to travel, eating is a passion, you will soon be seeing lots of food pics and we love to have fun. We believe in being kind to people and neither of us like drama unless we’re watching it on tv. Since we’re the same age, we  can easily relate to the same things. The struggles of getting older (although we look younger than we are, my body feels older than it looks), trying to stay healthy (she’s more successful at that than I am), what’s our next meal going to be?

We were recently talking about getting back in shape Su suggested that we start a blog. Originally it was going to be about us trying to get back into shape, it’s May, no more excuses for my winter weight and then we decided, if we’re going to do this, we might as well go all in and The Lu Lu Lifestyle was born. We are hoping that not only will this be our new online home, it will be your new online home also. The more you participate and comment, the more motivated we will be to write. As we go along the Lu Lu Lifestyle will change and evolve as we find our voice. Hopefully, you will enjoy the ride.


Slap happy in Athens.