Hopping on the hotpot bandwagon

Not sure if you’ve heard, but hotpots are hot right now. OK, well I might be late to the hot pot craze. My brother, Adam & soon to be sis-in-law Emma have been raving about hotpots for ages. They have a favorite spot in Seattle and then decided to buy a hotpot and make it at home. Then I read that hotpot zoom parties were becoming a thing. A way for people to have dinner parties, socially distanced. Thought that was a great idea. I mean, we haven’t done it but it’s a great idea!

For Christmas I bought the Brit a hot pot. After seeing many pics of Adam’s hotpot meals I totally knew he would be excited to have one, and he was.

Just like my pizzas, salads and sandwiches, I like a lot of stuff with my hotpot. In the past, I didn’t really like shabu shabu or hotpot because the broth was too bland. Adam & Emma’s favorite broth mix is a Little Sheep brand. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find that here so we went to a couple of different asian markets and bought every variety there was. How else would we know what we liked?

The pot we got has a grill at the top, which adds a fun element to it, so it’s part hotpot and part Korean barbecue. It’s been ages since I had kalbi, it was so good!

Hot pot is an easy meal to put together because the cooking is done at the table.

We had to start eating our hp meals in our dining room because our little table couldn’t hold everything.

Some things we’ve learned about hotpots. The grill is rounded and in theory the fat drops into the broth to flavor the broth. If you have a chance, get a flat grill instead. It is a constant balancing act with what you’re grilling on the domed grill. An absolute must are enoki mushrooms. We love them cooked in the broth. Leafy veggies like watercress and bak choy are awesome. Pumpkin and Brussel sprouts take too long to cook (I had added Brussel sprouts to a soup before and loved it but didn’t work in the hp). Fun tip, if you grill the mushroom cap and don’t flip it, your cap will fill with mushroom juice. I learned this from a Korean friend at a Korean bbq. Grilled shrimp and shrimp cooked in the broth both taste awesome. Taste your broth before you add things to it, if you don’t know what it tastes like. We did a spicy broth, so spicy, our eyes were burning. The hp on the right photo looked glorious but I hated the broth and it burned my mouth. So we turned off the soup, rinsed the meatballs and replaced the broth. So far, our favorite ones are the seafood based broths. BTW we grew the mushrooms in the middle pic. Also bought the Brit a mushroom growing kit. Our second batch is growing now, yay!

Hotpot has replaced our cheese platter are our throw together meal. And we really can’t wait to hotpot with other people. A great social meal. Anyone else hotpotting?


I like to eat, sleep and experience the world, one meal at a time.

2 thoughts on “Hopping on the hotpot bandwagon

  • February 3, 2021 at 6:08 pm

    Grrrrl! I should not have read this while hungry. I am totally up for a hot pot party! 🙂

    Great ideas and tips! I’ll look for a flat grill.

    • February 3, 2021 at 7:26 pm

      Let me know when you are ready for a zoom hotpot party!


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