Running around in Rome

OK, let’s be real, I don’t run anywhere but it’s funny to imagine me running around in Rome or anywhere in Italy. Travel days are hard because you don’t really get much time to enjoy where you’re coming from or where you’re going to so not too much happening today. We started early, the girls had a tour scheduled in Rome and we were also meeting Nancy and Barb there. The train ride was only a couple of hours from Naples to Rome. When you get to the train station, make sure you check out all of your options, there were 3 different trains going to Rome, all priced and timed differently.

Our AirBnB was not too far away from the train station in Rome. Walkable for the ambitious so we took a cab. Unfortunately, we couldn’t check in yet but they let us drop off our bags, which was awesome. My elbow was sore for months after I left Italy from dragging my bags all over. Remember, I had to pack for 3 months and different climates.

Once our bags were unloaded, went in search of food. You know that’s always a priority for me. Where do you go to eat when you get to Rome? An Irish Pub of course! The food wasn’t great, but we were hungry, it was close and easy for Nancy to find us.

I can’t believe I have been in Italy for 2 days and hadn’t had gelato yet! Now that Nancy was here, we were off in search, and by that, I mean, we walked next door to the gelato shop next to the Irish pub while the others went off to do their thing. Nancy and I had our priorities right! The gelato was as good as I expected. My only issue with gelato is it’s softer than ice cream so it melts quickly. Eat fast! I got pistachio and coconut. Pistachio is the number one flavor of gelato. Every shop has it and for good reason, it’s soooo good!

What a beautiful site.

Nancy and I met up with Sharon to get checked into our rooms. The elevator is so small, you can’t fit people and suitcases in here. If my suitcase wasn’t already in the room, it would have been bye bye Nancy!

The elevators are extremely small. Make your buddy smile!

Lina booked an awesome place with 4 bedrooms, a kitchen and a small living room. Nancy and I had the biggest room. There’s a beautiful white couch on the other wall. We hosted the socials in our room since it was so spacious.

This is how the room looked before Nancy and I moved in. You don’t want to see the after. 

Barb finally joined the party, woo hoo! She took the scenic route from the airport. Once Su and Lina came back from their tour (I can’t remember where they went, I can barely remember where I go), some of us went for a pre-dinner snack, after all, it had been at least 2 hours since I had last eaten.

Just walking along the streets is fun, the architecture in Rome is beautiful. We were trying to take a photo of Su for Lu Lu’s instagram. Apparently travel bloggers never look at the camera. Sharon was not co-operating, LOL.

This is my kind of snacking.

We found some random restaurant down an alley and just ordered some apps. Of course we went with the salumi platter, mussels and some prosciutto wrapped melon which is a staple in Italy. It was all so delicious. It had nothing to do with how hungry we were. It was just enough to keep the beasts at bay. You don’t want to see Nancy when she’s hangry (I’m too lazy to get hangry). I would have loved to go back to this little restaurant at some other point and enjoy a meal but we ran out of time.

Dinner was next and it was so good, it deserves it’s own blog post. So stay tuned!

FYI, the header photo was taken by Sharon while she was wandering around. It’s the Pantheon. So much beautiful architecture in Rome, our two days was nowhere near enough.


I like to eat, sleep and experience the world, one meal at a time.

4 thoughts on “Running around in Rome

  • January 18, 2017 at 11:55 am

    And…. this is where my love affair with cold melon and prosciutto started. Leiha, how could I be hangry? I am the nice one.

    • January 20, 2017 at 12:57 am

      The melon in Italy was sooo good, some of the best I’ve ever had. You on the other hand, when you’re hungry, not so good, lol.

  • January 19, 2017 at 7:08 am

    Doing the pub-crawl and eating with y’all is my idea of a heavenly time! Getting to hear about it and see the pictures is the next best thing! Thank you for sharing!

    • January 20, 2017 at 12:59 am

      Brenda, I took a photo today of something I thought you would enjoy the next time you go to H Mart. I love your willingness to try anything, I think you’re more open minded than me when it comes to food. I am planning on hitting some night markets while in the Nam. That should be interesting.


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