The night before, the night before

Su and I are not fast movers in the morning. An early start for us is usually around noon unless we’re eating breakfast, then it’s 11am. Not to say we’re not awake, we are, usually, I’m up at 6am or earlier (not by choice), the problem with that is I’m ready for a nap around 10am. But somehow I make it out of bed to get a not so bright and early start on my day.

I told Su I didn’t want to walk today, train it is. While walking the 2 blocks to the train, we run into 1 of the 2 people we know in Glasgow. Yep, we passed Imogen in the street again! I mean, we were a block from their house so it wasn’t quite as random as running into her downtown but still fun. We make tentative plans to bring dinner over. They were busy (what with a wedding and all, so we decided to play by ear).

Our original plan for the day was to do a hop on and off bus tour. So not me but Su wanted to do it, times like this I really  miss having Nancy there to do the touristy things with Su so I could go get a massage or something. Since there were only a couple of stops she was interested in we decided to take the subway and go about on our own to the stops she was interested in.

Our first stop was for food as if there was any doubt. James marked up our map for us with interesting stops and one of the stops was The Scotia, the oldest pub in Glasgow. We wanted to sit at the bar and talk to grizzled old men but it was a small bar and no room so we went into the other room to eat, where we were the only ones there until one more guy came in. He sat far enough away from us that we could spy on his food without him noticing, ok he might have noticed but not cared.

Su didn’t know where to look for our selfie. How about the camera?

You can tell we’re in Scotland because of the Scottish flag on the ceiling. Selfie win!

Some kind of meat pie, I take exception to the use of the word pie but it was delicious and we cleaned our plates.

We were a little disappointed over the fact that the music playing in the bar was American 80s music. We wanted to hear Celtic music but as someone rightly pointed out, all of the music they played was from bands from the UK. Don’t they know it’s all about us Americans?

After lunch, we hopped onto Clockwork Orange, aka, their subway system. It’s a loop around Glasgow and the 3rd oldest underground system in the world.

The trains are so cute because they’re so small. I almost feel like I have to duck to get in.

Su wanted to see the University of Glasgow, apparently it looks like Hogwarts. We don’t have any photos but look it up online, it’s gorgeous. Since I didn’t have an interest in seeing it, I decided to wander around and check out the thrift stores. We had a spot where we were going to meet up when we were finished. When getting off at a subway stop, make sure you are looking at the correct stop when you take off. Poor Su walked in the wrong direction.

This pic made me laugh since we had met in Vietnam. I had no idea it was actually a restaurant, if I had known, I would have gone in to see how good Vietnamese food is in Scotland.

While wandering around checking out the side streets and alleys because they were full of shops, I came across the street we were on Monday night. I’m getting a feel for this town!

Just a beautiful random neighborhood.
The back of the church that is on the top of the page. 

I have to say, we got really lucky with the weather. Other than some light sprinkles, the weather was gorgeous in Glasgow. We brought the sun with us, which is weird since I came from Seattle.

Once I was finished wandering I went to the little cafe where I was meeting Su and ordered a Fanta. I don’t know why I always order it when overseas, it doesn’t taste the same as in the states. Su showed up a few minutes after I got there and told me about her wrong way adventures. She wants to go back when she has more time to wander around the university more. She said it was gorgeous and looking it up online later, I believe her.

Next up she wanted to go to the Cathedral and Necropolis. She had to rush to get there because it was closing. I went and wandered around the Buchanan Gallery. It’s just like any mall in the states. I hung out at the coffee shop to wait for Su. She said she got to see everything briefly because it was so late and wants to go back. Sharon, take lots of pictures here for us please, LOL.

The view just walking down the street.

We went back to our flat to relax. Since we didn’t hear back from ImoJim we decided to go to an Indian restaurant down the street, Kebabish,  that they told us about. Indian food is extremely popular in the UK and they do it up right! Us being us, we were really hungry which means we ordered a lot. Heaven forbid we should walk away hungry.

The lamb kabobs had a bit of spice to them. Good thing we ordered our own raita to cool out mouths down.
I almost always order saag paneer, this was fantastic. Was disappointed in the veggie dish, I wanted more cauliflower.

We also ordered garlic naan which was amazing and huge, rice and it came with a salad. Our naan plate was hanging off the end of the table. Needless to say, we had leftovers. Which is great because after we got back to the flat we had a message from ImoJim (couldn’t get connected to wi-fi at the restaurant). So we headed back out the door and brought goodies for them. We ordered so much food, there was still leftovers after both of them had eaten (to be fair, they also ate some of the food that they had cooked for themselves).

We decided we would only go for a half an hour, we wanted to make it an early night and knew they had a lot to do. An hour later and with much laughter we said goodnight. I love ending our nights with ImoJim sitting around and just chatting.

While we were out and about we had a few pictures from their wedding printed  and framed one of them. The plan was for us to hide them around the house and weeks or months later they would find them and have a fun surprise from us. 10 minutes after we got back to our flat they had found all 3 of them! Wah wah wahhhh. I didn’t want to make it so hard to find that they would never find them. Mission accomplished!


I like to eat, sleep and experience the world, one meal at a time.

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  • April 16, 2016 at 7:58 am

    It looks a little like cottage pie, or shepherds pie but there is usually carrots and peas in them not on the side. My brother makes a meat & potato pie but you never know what else he throws in it! Mushrooms, spicy sausage to name a few LOL I don’t know whether they just call it a pie because its done in the oven?

    It looks like a very tall church, would be difficult to heat but the back of the church looks better than the front. It may not have stained glass but is beautiful in its own way.


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