Until we meet again…for dinner

ImoJim wanted us to stay at their fabulous flat for the entire week before the wedding but we know how chaotic a wedding is and  didn’t want to be underfoot. So we compromised and would spend a couple of days at their flat to visit with them then we get out of their hair. They had 2 extra rooms so I didn’t have to share a room with Su, score! I did share a room with their cat Leo which was funny because it was Su chasing him all over but me he would cuddle up with all night, ok, for an hour before he wandered off but I’ll take it!

We rented an AirBnB for a couple of nights. I showed James the address and he said it was like a 6-minute walk from their flat (so 20 minutes for me, LOL). He told us what area we should look for our flat in but we didn’t have their address. It was a fabulous coincidence that we ended up so close!

But first, we must start the day with breakfast. James found out Su loved black pudding so that’s what we had for breakfast on a big roll. We were both getting full so when James asked if we wanted another one, we said no, then he said he was going to put a fried egg on top, we changed that no to yes right quickly. We love our fried eggs!

Since we were so close ImoJim walked us to our new abode, it really was minutes away which made it easier to say goodbye to them. Well that and the fact that we made plans to meet for dinner. Imogen was going to make us a veggie lasagna for dinner. We tried to talk her out of it, hello, she has a wedding to prepare for but she wouldn’t take no for an answer and you know how hard it is for me to say no to food.

After we got settled in we walked to downtown Glasgow. We could have taken the train in but Su wanted to walk the mile and a half. Since I had my fitbit on I told her I would do the walk. Every step counts (note to self, charge my fitbit).

The walk wasn’t bad but there wasn’t a lot to see. Once we got to City Center that changed. The buildings down there are gorgeous. I wish I had taken more pics but I’m not going to lie, knowing Sharon is coming to visit in Sept kept me from taking as many pictures as I normally would, she takes amazing photos and Su and I are planning to steal all of her photos.

Su saw a Hard Rock Cafe so we had to stop in there. She buys a shirt in every town she goes to. They had hoodies for 15 pounds so I grabbed on. I packed a heavy jacket and didn’t have room in my suitcase for a hoodie, I was trying to pack light so didn’t bring my big suitcase. Big mistake, I’d rather have too many clothes than not enough. I was bummed that my new hoodie didn’t have Scotland or Glasgow on it but it had something even better, a cheap price tag! We chatted up the counter lady a bit, everyone is so friendly.

Everywhere we walked there were amazing street musicians. I swear, everyone we heard could be signed to a record label immediately. I wish I had taken some videos to share with you.

As we were wandering, who should we run into but one of the two people we know in Glasgow! Imogen was getting some last-minute shopping in. She had gotten distracted by a cute dog she saw so she was so happy to see us and share the cuteness of the moment with us.

After we said goodbye, we headed to the information center. Su likes to grab maps of the city we’re in to help us get around. We got there just as they were closing so we only talked to them for a few minutes.

Then it was time for some food. I was hungry. Imogen had sent us down a road that had a lot of restaurants on it. It took us awhile to find something we wanted but we eventually found a place with a fun menu and cute waiters. It was called Life and their motto was: We Eat, We Drink, We Dance. Our kind of place! I meant to take a pic of our waiter but forgot. I know, I’m totally slacking! Because we were eating dinner soon I just wanted a snack. Su ordered a beer, that was her snack. I ordered an Irn-Bru which is considered Scotland’s other national drink. It’s an orangish soda. Su compared it to Big Red. It was an apt comparison. I didn’t love it. I’m more used to Sunkist orange or Fanta and this is a milder version of them. I wanted more orange zing. But I had to try it. I also ordered some pate and edamame. I did take a pic but it tasted a lot better than it looked.

Can you tell we’re in Scotland?
How about now?

Since I had long ago made my steps from walking around Glasgow we took the train home. Plus we were running late. We were in charge of bringing dessert and prosecco but by the time we got back to our stop it was too late to grab a beautiful cake from the bakery we passed. Instead we ran into the corner market hoping they had a bakery section, they did, it was abysmal but I was so happy when I went to the freezer section and they had Viennetta. It was an ice cream dessert Nancy and I used to buy all the time. Vanilla ice cream with thin layers of chocolate. They don’t sell them anymore here but they still do in Europe, score! We also found some prosecco on sale, the cheap asians are even happier!

Su and I at the check out counter are like Dumb and Dumbest. I honestly can’t remember what we were bickering about but we had our cashier laughing. He was a kid in his 20s who had 2 crazy Asians at his counter, he was entertained and we left him with a story to tell and the people behind us were also entertained (Imogen thinks we should walk around with a Go-Pro strapped to our head, we’re considering it).

The lasagna was gurgling away in the oven when we got there so we sat around the kitchen catching up on our day, after all, it had been 9 hours since we left. Imogen pulled out this gorgeous veggie lasagna and then proceeded to cut it into 4 pieces. The portions were huge! She sure knows how the Asians eat. I thought for sure there’s no way I could finish it. We all cleaned our plates. It was fantastic! I didn’t miss the meat at all. When there’s cheese, who needs meat?

Only half of the lasagna that’s on my plate is in this pic.

Even tho I was full to bursting I had to eat some Viennetta. It was as great as I remembered. James brought out some whisky for us to try. I don’t like drinks where I can taste the booze but when in Scotland…


FYI, in the states this is called Scotch but in Scotland they call it whisky (minus the E). I only had a wee bit but it wasn’t bad.

After much more laughter talking about ridiculous things, I love their stories and you know, we love talking, we reluctantly called it a night. Although we made plans to meet the next night. This time, we would bring dinner! So amazing to spend this time with ImoJim just days before their wedding.


I like to eat, sleep and experience the world, one meal at a time.

3 thoughts on “Until we meet again…for dinner

  • April 14, 2016 at 12:30 am

    So your kind of the rebound guests, you left but cant keep you away LOL

    We have Viennetta once in a while. I think the last one was mint

  • April 16, 2016 at 8:01 am

    I thought I saw Buchanan Street in Edinburgh? Apparently they left a mark all over.

    • May 2, 2016 at 10:18 pm

      Those Buchanans get around.


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