Paradise by the dashboard lights

People say go to Santorini for beauty and go to Mykonos to party. I have to say, Mykonos is pretty dang beautiful in its own right.  Surrounded by the gorgeous Aegean sea, how can it be anything but beautiful?

We got up and had breakfast provided by the hotel, yes, it had Greek yogurt and it was fabulous. When we checked in, George told us we could rent scooters or ATVs for cheap since it was off-season. There’s no way I’m driving a scooter, I could barely drive a Segway but I was down with riding an ATV. I originally thought I could drive but then decided against it and so Lina became the driver for us and Su was the driver for her and Nancy. We had to be picked up and taken to the rental place where the girls got driving lessons.

Kudos to Lina and Su for driving. The roads here aren’t very wide and they are curvy. I had a great time as a passenger, then again, I wasn’t responsible for anyone’s life. ATVs are a great and fun way to get around town. 

After a quick stop back at our hotel to refresh and orient ourselves we headed to Mykonos town for some shopping. We really haven’t done much shopping on our trip but the town is so cute and we needed some souvenirs. Since I can’t buy something for someone without buying something for someone else I only shop for myself. Makes life easier.

Remember the sea urchin I was talking about and how they said that you can’t fish for them in Mykonos. Walking from the parking lot into town we could see sea urchin all along our walk.  The water was so crystal clear it was easy to see. Where I go clamming here in WA there is sea urchin but it’s very muddy. Nothing as pretty and clean-looking as this. Those black spots on the rocks are the sea urchin.

I loved walking around Mykonos town, it was fun walking around at night but it was just as much fun walking around during the day. It’s just so different then what we’re used to here. When the ships get into town the streets are teaming with people but we beat the ships which was nice. I was able to get some pics without people in it.

We were looking for new dresses to wear to dinner. As you can see, Zoolander showed up to go shopping with us.

It was a pretty successful shopping trip. I bought a cover up that I was going to use as a shirt (if I had brought the right bottoms I would have worn as a dress, LOL) and a beautiful water color that will always remind me of being in Mykonos. The shops are really small so when you want to try something on, they make do. The full length mirror gets turned sideways and that’s the wall you change behind. Sometimes they don’t even have a mirror to hide behind. It’s a good thing I’m not shy.

We had lunch on the end of town. The food was wonderful. We tried a fish roe salad which is basically a fish dip. It was salty but I enjoyed it. They also gave us free olives and a tomato spread that the girls said was great.


Our fish here was served deboned, was awesome!

After a quick trip back to the hotel to change and drop off our goods we headed out to Super Paradise Beach. There are so many beaches to choose from but since we’re always limited on time we went to a close one and it was still a 20 minute ride. By they time we got there, it was, you guessed it, 5pm. The good news is, it was easy to get a beach chair.

While the day is still warm, the water was a little cool but not as cold as the pool was yesterday. Lina planned on lounging in a chair and relaxing. Nancy was going to join Su and I in the water but she was attacked by a minnow and decided she was safer on the shore (and she was in the middle of a good book).

Su and I spent our time in the water being totally goofy. I can’t even remember what we were talking about but there was a lot of Asian cackling. We weren’t laughing so much when we were almost run down by a yacht. At first we thought we were safe because they were heading for the dock but they weren’t. They were heading straight towards us. Thank goodness they dropped anchor before they got to us because our paddling to get out of the way was very slow. Very very slow, lol. I think Su could have gotten out of the way if she wasn’t also pulling me and my spare tire.

Once we got out of the water we thought it would be fun to go on the dock and take pics with my inflatable tire. The others on the beach were entertained by us as we entertained ourselves. Then we got goofy with each other. This was one of the more presentable photos.

Our ATV didn’t really have much of a get up and go and the beach was at the bottom of a steep hill. Not a great combination. Lina had to do the rocking motion to get us up. Go partway up the hill, roll back down to get momentum to get up. We got a little bit of momentum that way, I was leaning as far forward as I could to help and chanting I think I can, I think I can. I honestly thought the engine was going to blow, it was straining so hard getting up the hill, but it still beat the alternative of me walking up the hill. Just as we started going again we got passed by a couple on their ATV and he shouted out encouragement, we were trying! Once we made it up the big hill we finally got going and caught up with Nancy and Su who were pulled over waiting for us. Oh and on the ride home we also had to drive around a hobbled horse and his trainer who was just chatting to some guy in the middle of the road. Fun times!

By the time we got ready for the night, Lina was pooped so she stayed in. Good thing we had George there to do a shot of tequila with us. We offered to buy him a shot if he drank with us. At first he said no but we were able to talk him into it and then bonus, the drinks were on him! It’s fun to drink with the owner of the hotel. 

Since George is Greek he eats Greek food all of the time so one of his favorite restaurants is an Italian place, Pasta Fresca. We have to go with what the local recommends. Nancy being the rockstar navigator that she’s been was able to find it in the maze of buildings. They sat us outside under this giant olive tree. It was awesome! I learned the hard way that olives don’t taste good until they’ve been brined (that was a different trip). But I was still tickled to be sitting under the tree. I think one or two even dropped on our table. 

For some reason we were extra giggly this night. Maybe it was the wine Nancy and Su were drinking. Maybe it was exhaustion. Maybe it was because we were heading home in a couple of days and it was our last night in Mykonos. I just know we were being stupid and laughing about how stupid we were. Usually it’s me laughing at Su and Nancy, LOL. 

Something we didn’t laugh about was the food. George was a perfect 2 for 2. We had an amazing dinner. We had clams for an appetizer and mushroom ravioli but the show stopper was the seafood platter. This platter is supposed to feed 2, it easily feeds 4 and since we had no idea how huge it was we couldn’t finish it. There were 2 kinds of fish, shrimp, squid and octopus. It was a definite food highlight for me.  


Course, just because we couldn’t finish our food doesn’t mean we didn’t order dessert. The desserts were a miss but it extended our lovely meal so we weren’t complaining.

Ok, this next photo will help explain our goofiness. We saw the waiters give other tables a shot of limoncello when they brought out the bill. They brought us a carafe. Did I mention our waiters were young and cute? Of course they were cute, we were in Greece after all! Christiano was actually from Albania or as Nancy likes to call it, Armenia. I think the limoncello kept us there an hour longer because we each had 6 or 7 shots of it. It would be rude not to drink it all. As you can tell, the girls drinking the wine were feeling no pain.

We ended up spending the entire night at the restaurant and it was a blast. We made it back to the bus stop just in time to catch the last bus. Oh funny thing, we stepped into a shop by the bus stop to grab a bottle of water and the cashier came out to chat us up while we were waiting for the bus. He was 16?!?!??! I guess it couldn’t hurt for him to try, LOL.

Lina was up by the time we got back, it could have had something to do with the fact I sent her a text, so while Nancy passed out on the bed, Su and Lina chatted the night away while I curled over in a ball moaning. Turns out, my body does not like limoncello. Lesson learned. Just because a drink is put in front of me, doesn’t mean I have to drink it and keep drinking it. Of course, I would still do it again for a night like that. 


I like to eat, sleep and experience the world, one meal at a time.

4 thoughts on “Paradise by the dashboard lights

  • April 7, 2016 at 10:56 am

    Loved that restaurant! FYI – Nancy water on my face that night, and I didn’t wig out. Yup, I must have been drinking a lot!

    • April 7, 2016 at 11:16 pm

      I can’t believe you didn’t kill her, yep, you were both feeling no pain.

  • April 7, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    How wonderful! Thanks btw b/c now I can’t get that damn song out of my head.

    • February 4, 2017 at 12:19 am

      It’s a wonderful song to have playing in there, LOL.


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