Even fish have to eat!

Though we got to bed late last night we really wanted to tackle the day, we had a lot of sight-seeing to do. Well actually, Su and Nancy had a lot of sight-seeing to do, I was planning on planting my butt somewhere after the Acropolis to read and relax. 

Remember those demonstrations I talked about? Well, apparently they affect the metro system too. The stop we needed to get off at to transfer was closed so we had to get on a different train and go backwards to get to where we needed to go but we eventually got there and at least it didn’t put us 2 hours behind. Thanks goodness we were pros at the metro system by now. They really have things mapped out well there (if you’re going by metro, not if you’re driving). 
While waiting in line to get our tickets to the Acropolis this guy in a Segway came to chat us up. He’s a football fan and Nancy and I were wearing our Seahawks t-shirts. Course he was also selling us on doing a Segway tour. I’ve never had any interest in riding a Segway but I also have less interest in walking around Athens so I was sold. Actually, when he said we could get some pics we wouldn’t otherwise get is when he sold me, that and the discount. 🙂
But first up was the Acropolis. I used to live in Tennessee and we used to go on field trips to the Parthenon. All I really remember about those trips is freezing my coke the night before so that my soda would be cold at lunch. Guess I’ve never been a touristy person, which is funny considering how much I love to travel. 
That being said, I can still appreciate the beauty and history while walking around the Acropolis. 

All of the books say the best time to get there is in the morning, before all of the tours happen, that’s really not going to happen with us, LOL. If there are this many people walking around off-season, I can’t imagine how crazy it is during the summer. When we were going around later in the day there weren’t as many people so if you can’t make it in the morning, go later in the day. BTW, don’t go on a rainy day, even on a sunny day the marble steps are slippery, Nancy almost wiped out.


Once we were done walking around the Acropolis it was time to eat! We never miss a meal if we can help it. We asked the local police where to eat, lol. Hey, anytime I had a chance to talk to them, we did. They said they eat at all of the local places so we just picked one and plopped down. Our waiter was a charmer, he escorted me to and from the restroom. The food wasn’t amazing. It wasn’t bad but we have been in country for over a week, we know what is ok food and what is touristy food. 
Next up was the Segway tour. Before we could go on our tour we had to get trained on riding a Segway. Su went first and she was a natural (she has ridden a Segway once before). Nancy almost fell off as soon as she got on but after that, she was great. And then there was me. A Segway moves based on your body position. If you lean forward you go forward. The further you lean, the faster your go. Gabriela, our super sweet and super awesome tour guide told me to lean forward once I got on. My response was a resounding I don’t want to. But finally, tentatively, I slowly leaned forward and started to scream as I went. But with the girls cheering me on off I went. Until my Segway started turning left and running into poles. I kept trying to keep it straight but it kept turning and hitting the pole. Good thing I was only going 1 MPH. Gabriela pointed out it was operator error (in much nicer terms) and not the fault of the Segway. I disagreed because I was trying to go straight. Guess who was right? Not me. LOL. 
I wouldn’t say I was a natural, or ever really comfortable, my body was so rigid, my feet hurt but I had a lot of fun on the tour as did the other gals. I was always pulling up the rear but as I told Gabriela, I Segway like I walk…slowly. I would definitely recommend doing this tour but an hour goes by way too fast, splurge for the 3 hour tour, I think it would be worth it. It was to us. 



We would have never gotten this shot of the Acropolis behind us if we hadn’t taken the tour. If you want to go there on your own and not take the tour, you can get to this spot by going to the observatory.

Spending so much time outside in sandals and at the beach has been hell on our feet so we wanted to have the fish eat the dead skin off. This place is actually called Dr. Fish. We went in search of it. We splurged for the 30 minute package which was 20 euro. They have a 10 minute one but the fish were still busily eating away after a half an hour. I think a full hour is necessary. Nancy acted like a girl, screaming and laughing while the fish nibbled her toes but she calmed down.
I have to say, my feet felt great afterwards. Super soft but that could be because they had been soaking in water. I wish they had given us lotion to put on afterwards and that we didn’t have to put on our gross shoes but it was something that was fun to do and I’d probably do it again.
We couldn’t stay out any longer, we were waiting for Lina to land and join the party and my phone was dead. Of course, at this time it’s about 6pm. The day flies by! 
We had planned on eating our goodies from the Central Market last night but  none of us were hungry. Such was not the case when we got home tonight. Oh man, this was a feast. These are all things I love. I would rather have a cheese plate over dessert. We sat there feasting and recovering from our day while we were waiting for Lina to join us. We wanted to play the night by ear, depending on how she felt. 
Lina, being the rockstar she was was ready to go, even tho she had spent about 24 hours traveling. So off we went back to Keramikos. We knew Lina would love the area. We ended up hitting two of the places we went to the previous night. Hey, I wanted a passion fruit martini and some BBQ chips, LOL.


I like to eat, sleep and experience the world, one meal at a time.

2 thoughts on “Even fish have to eat!

  • April 7, 2016 at 10:50 am

    Nancy’s screams still haunt me in my nightmares. Oh, and Leiha’s screams haunt me in my waking nightmares.

    • April 7, 2016 at 11:13 pm

      LMAO, you are quite welcome!


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