No sleep til Athens

Our adventure in Athens has begun, it only took two days in the air. Ok, not quite two days but we left at 12:45pm on Monday and got here at 7pm on Tuesday. I haven’t figured out the time difference to give you the exact travel time, but it was a lot. Would have been here sooner but just as we were taxing the runway leaving the airport a man had a seizure and when the paramedics came he didn’t want to leave the plane. An hour later he finally left. At least it happened before we got in the air, otherwise we would have had to make an emergency landing in Paris. We also had many doctors on the plane who jumped into action before the flight attendants even got there.

By the time we left WA it was nap time for me so I had no problems sleeping for a couple of hours, then I picked up my kindle to catch up on my reading. I wanted to read my Dianna Love books but because I transferred my books from my old kindle I have to delete then re-download from amazon, not going to happen in the air so I started reading a Shana Abe book. It’s YA, wish I had known that before I started reading, I’m not a big YA person.

In DC, Nancy and I met up with Su at a restaurant, we were watching a football game (was a rough start to our fantasy football season) but once Su got there the cackling began and stopped watching the game. The chatter continued on the plane but once we took off we stopped being the loud, obnoxious, funny in our own mind, travelers and turned on the movies. Best thing about traveling overseas is the free movies. It was a Channing Tatum fest with 21 Jump Street (hilarious) and GI Joe 2 (boring). Then I slept some more. You know who wasn’t sleeping. Nancy, which is funny because she has the gift of sleep. She made up for that on the flight from London to Athens. She was so tired she barely paid attention to all the action with the sick man. I rely on her bionic ears, so had to gossip with my neighbors instead.

We were a bit travel-worn but finally got to Greece. A lot of people around us were chattering away excitedly, we were too exhausted to be excited. It was a loud flight but I did love Aegean air, they gave everyone a piece of candy before take off and Su says the wine was free too. Plus the flight attendants were gorgeous and wore scarves with their beautiful uniforms.

The metro was a bit confusing for us but we figured it out and a Greek man took pity on us and told us he would let us know what exit we were getting off of. We then asked a motorcycle cop how to get to our location, he was no help but Nancy had it mapped out and guided us in.

We are staying in an apartment we rented thru airbnb. We are renting a car and heading out tomorrow so we just needed a place to sleep. Since we’re coming back to Athens, this will be our Athens home base.

We asked out neighborhood grocer where we should go eat and he pulled out take out menus, lol. We told him we didn’t want fast food, turns out a lot of restaurants deliver and it’s cheaper than if you eat in. He gave us directions to a neighborhood restaurant.

As soon as Sharon got here (she was in town already and meeting up with us) we headed out to get some food. We hadn’t eaten since DC because I didn’t want to spend a fortune in London. I had dollars and euros and didn’t want to convert any money just for a snack or pay a fee to use my card. Luckily we weren’t that hungry but by the time we got here we were starving. The restaurant didn’t have an English menu so our cute greek waiter let us know what they had and answered any questions. We were just giddy to be there.

I was more excited about the olives.

Since their menu was Greek to us we went with the souvlaki. The pork was so tender and juicy, so delicious. They also put fries on too. Almost as delish as our cute young waiter who was being pimped out by his co-worker to us.

He was smiling in the pic before this but it didn’t turn out. We will have to go back and get another pic.


I like to eat, sleep and experience the world, one meal at a time.

4 thoughts on “No sleep til Athens

  • April 7, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    It was an amazing first meal! I really loved our neighborhood, and it was nice having a shop nearby to buy water and snacks!

    • April 8, 2016 at 10:01 am

      I loved how quiet it was (until we got there). We felt safe wandering in the middle of the night, or in our case 8pm, LOL.

  • April 8, 2016 at 9:59 am

    Wow, he’s adorable! Those wraps look amazing! Lol it makes me want to eat pork. Love how you represent the Seahawks all over the the world!

    • April 8, 2016 at 10:03 am

      I have to show my Seahawks love! Plus, you never know when you’ll see another Hawks fan running around.

      They were delicious. I’m sure we could find a chicken version for you, or just a french fry version!

      He was super cute. Wish the pic came out better.


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