Final cruise thoughts…

The last night dinner on the cruise was like an episode of Jerry Springer. Not fun when you’re up on stage with them, LOL. We had a table that sat 10 but for every night there were only 6 of us, two sets of three. Our tablemates were great, they were in their early 20s, a little reserved at first but they loosened up. Kimberly saw some of our tablemates during the day before our last dinner and they mentioned one of the girls had met a guy and he would be joining us for dinner. We were intrigued and nosy, LOL. When we get to dinner there are 4 new people there. We figured they were people who were supposed to be at our table but just came for the final meal. Our tablemates get there and Kim asked about the guy but they said they’d talk about it later. Then we proceeded to have one of the most uncomfortable dinners of our life! Two of the people there were cousins. The guy was an army ranger. His cousin said something he didn’t like so he took off his uniform jacket and then put her in a headlock and was knuckling her. This was at the dinner table and she wasn’t laughing which means we weren’t laughing. She had turned all red and he said she deserved it. She moved to sit next to me and the other guy that was with them. Turns out she had hooked up with this guy but hadn’t wanted to sit next to him. After the headlock incident the tone at our table changed dramatically. Basically it was us and them. We had our own convo going on in a very stilted way. The guy in the uniform didn’t even eat. Finally he left with the other girl that was with them and finally the other two left before dessert but not before turning to our tablemates to make plans to meet with them later which I thought was really weird since they hadn’t talked at all during dinner to each other.

Once they left the tongues started wagging. Apparently the guy in the uniform was the guy our tablemate had met up with. He even gave her a bracelet from his deceased friend that had special meaning to him yet he brings another chick to the table! Needless to say he was crazy. We told her to avoid him at all costs. Our tablemates were expecting just the guy to join us, not the entire Jerry Springer clan. It gave us something to talk about over dessert (even our waiter was participating, LOL).

Remember the supportive women who were cheering me on during my karaoke performance? Over lunch on the last day we were sat at a table with some of them. They totally recognized me, LOL. The funny thing was, one of the women thinks she remembers me from my visits to the Pentagon when I was in the Army. How wild is that?

Since I was determined to be a bit more active this trip I jumped at the chance to dance the electric slide on the Lido deck (where the pool was) and the cha cha song which always reminds me of Mich and I love and then they did the Mississippi Slide which I had never done but I was game. Too bad the song lasted forever. I was done at the end of that one LOL. At karaoke one of the gals sang the electric slide so I was up again. I remember learning the electric slide at the NCO club in Korea. I had sweat dripping down because I was so bad and so nervous. I still suck at it but I love it, LOL.

One night in the lounge they had the soul train dance. I was excited because when they said that I was thinking conga, no, I wasn’t drinking, LOL. Then I figured out what they meant and I was like, shit, I can’t dance and walk at the same time! The soul train dance is when you have girls and guys lined up on opposite sides and then they dance down the center to the end of the line and you do it over and over til the song is finished. After one or two trips down I really loosened up, plus I got some good partners on the last few dances, LOL.

Thats about it for cruise memories. Kimberly went home today. I think she’s planning on coming back when my nephew comes and visits. She’s ready for her next cruise! I really think for the money spent it’s an incredible value. Plus Carnival does a military discount even if you’re ex military which was nice. We had an interior room which I thought would feel claustrophobic but it didn’t. If you need a cruising partner call my sis up, she’s ready to go! Me, I need to get my ass back to the gym. That’s a slow process much to Lina’s chagrin, LOL. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!


I like to eat, sleep and experience the world, one meal at a time.

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  • May 1, 2008 at 1:32 am

    At least the food didn’t start flying across the table, that has to be a good thing LOL

    So did your karaoke fans asked for an autograph? As for recognising you from years ago…you’re one of the light up the room, live to the full, unforgettable people. Who wouldn’t remember you 😀

    Well hopefully Lina hasn’t yet resorted to saying she will only cook you steamed spinach for main course and stewed fruit for dessert every day until you go to the gym!! LOL

  • May 1, 2008 at 6:04 am

    Woo hoo! Dancing Queen!! Sounds like the trip was awesome! I can totally see you gliding your way down the Soul Train line.

    Tell Kim I’m coming for her!!

  • May 1, 2008 at 8:11 am

    Oh,wow,I felt awkward just reading about the dinner,how much worse to have it happening in front of you.Bizarre people,drama on the high seas *G*

    Well,it sounds like you had a blast overall.One of these days I will go on a cruise.Without pushing hubs over the side,even,LOL.

  • May 1, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    If the food would have gone flying that would have been more fun, my first food fight, LOL.

    Thank you for your kind words. I am trying to think of the woman I was back then, I’m sure I wasn’t anywhere near as fantastic as I am now, LOL. Of course, I didn’t blend into the woodwork either *G*.

    We went to the gym today, she finally dragged me back in.

    The soul train line would have been so much better if you were there chick! My sis didn’t do any line dances with me, what a wus!

    Bo, I’m glad that my words conveyed how awkward dinner was. You really could cut the tension with a nice.

    Bo, the ship is big, you both can go do your own thing and just meet for meals if you want, LOL. They actually have things set up for kids too and you can get a room for 4 people, it would be cramped but you’ll only be in your room to sleep. The first 2 will pay full price but the other two will be cheaper so if you decide to do a family trip or just the two of you, it’s definitely doable. I highly recommend it.

  • May 1, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    Dragged as in, wheeled your bed to the gym and tipped out a napping you in through the gym door. Then wheeled an exhausted napping you back home again? LOL


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