Day 2ish

Sorry for the delay, when we weren’t eating, drinking or reading we were sleeping, LOL. The cruise is perfect for readers! I would work on my blog in the room before I went to one of the upper decks to post. Tuesday we landed in Key West first thing in the morning. Of course, we didn’t disembark first thing since I was still sleeping so once we had breakfast and got ready then we could get off the boat. We decided not to do any excursions in Key West and just wander around. I didn’t really have any preference for anything. Su wanted to do two things: see the Pirate Museum and eat conch fritters. I was totally game. So we asked a local where the Pirate Museum was, he says see that building with the black flag, that would be it. D’oh! Off we went. To tour the museum was $13. I couldn’t think of anything inside I wanted to see for that much so instead we just shopped the stores. How convenient that connected to the museum was a sex shop/pirate garb shop. We gave the guy grief for not wearing the proper attire but at least he threw us a bone by trying to talk like a pirate, LOL. The other guy was trying to get Su to buy one of Cher’s outfits since he said she could fit in them. She didn’t though, bummer, LOL. I bet I could wear one of Cher’s outfits on my arm! Why didn’t he ask me?

So we kept walking, went down to the water and saw a boat that had a pirate theme but they sail at night so we couldn’t ride on it. We bought some souvenir t-shirts for ourselves but the big score in Key West is that they have a Coach Factory store with words such as clearance and 20% off the price. I hate to admit this but we lost our minds a little there. I bought 3 purses! One was a birthday present for my sister Kathy. Her birthday isn’t til Oct but the prices were too good not to. I bought her the purse I already have which I bought for $200, it was $80 here! I can say I bought her present here because she doesn’t read my blog. See, if she read it she would know, EG! Overall I spent $400 in purses but I SAVED $400. As you can see, I had to do it. Su also bought 2 purses so we made ourselves feel better. I didn’t decide to get Kathy’s purse until we were at the register and Su was rung up (she got that purse) and it was too good a deal, I just had to get the third purse! I know you understand. The bottom 3 are mine, I can’t decide which one I love the most. After the high of our purchases we literally floated down the street looking for our fritters but eventually my bag of purses got heavy and my feet tired. We talked to a local and went to a restaurant on the water A&B’s and had some raw oysters which were tasty and an appetizer sampler plate with conch fritters (not bad but too much bread, basically a shellfish hush puppy), buffalo sauce shrimp (it was ok) and some breaded fish. I thought the oysters were the best part of the meal, well that and our two drinks.

Su just reminded me about the people who took the trolley with us to Key West. We were on a trolley full of Brazilians and you know how I love my Brazilian men, well, let me just say, I wouldn’t have guessed that these guys were Brazilians because they were so not hot! And then this chick was standing up taking pics and the driver is telling her to sit down and she totally ignored him. That would be because she didn’t understand him but she was sitting next to us and we were trying to scoot over so the last person could get on and she was offended because she had to move her backpack, that was ok though, Su moved it for her, LOL. Then on the way back, we could have been slightly inebriated. I was telling the port authorities the guy behind us needed a full cavity search, EG! It’s not safe to sit around Vivi and I sometimes. Now you see why we give fake names. Us on the trolley. The ship as we rode in. When we came back we wanted to go play Win, Lose or Draw but it wasn’t for another hour so we started reading and lost track of time. Since we missed the game we took a nap instead. You know that makes me a happy camper!

Tuesday was lobster night, woo hoo! It was also the Captain’s cocktail party which meant free drinks, woot woot! Now in my head I pictured the party as more of a mixer, I would be wrong. It happens sometimes (but not often). We all head to the Palace room in our finery and sit down while waiters bring us drinks and others pass around hors d’oeuvres. Luckily I was saving my appetite for diner because they only brought us a tray once and that’s because we called out to them. The drink guys were on it though, especially Renzo. He made sure we had plenty of champagne and was even hand delivering some when we were leaving. There was a big band playing at the cocktail and they encouraged people to dance but that wasn’t our kind of dancing. Then the Capt introduced his senior staff and that was that. I was looking forward to chit chatting with the Capt. Oh well, his loss, off we went to our room to refill our glasses with our own champagne. We mixed it with fruit punch, it tastes great that way!

Next up was dinner. Again, Vivi and I were the only two at our table but we prefer it that way so we can eat as much as we want, LOL. Turns out Renzo is a server in our restaurant also so he brought us a glass of wine, definitely pays to be nice so I had 3 glasses in front of me, LOL. I was not thirsty during dinner. For apps we had the greek salad, stuffed mushrooms and shrimp cocktail. Now we didn’t mean to order the shrimp cocktail, we thought we were ordering it another way but that was what was brought out, LOL. The lobster was moist but it had a little too much salt on it, didn’t stop me from ordering two. It also had some grilled shrimps that were awesome. The prime rib tasted wonderful but for me, a big part of the reason I love prime rib is the creamy horseradish and they had fresh grated horseradish so I didn’t eat as much. For dessert we had cheese and fruit.
Renzo works in the dance club and wanted us to come by later on but it’s too smokey in there. Back to Passage to India we went, once we had digested our food and some Music Asia. After that, a little late night reading and time to call it a night!


I like to eat, sleep and experience the world, one meal at a time.

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  • May 31, 2007 at 11:29 am

    I still can’t post pics, something with blogger but I did post a couple of tequila pics on Karen’s message board if you want to see Coco and Vivi in action!

  • May 31, 2007 at 11:50 am

    Yo Ho Yo Ho – A pirates life for you! Except I thought pirates drank rum instead of champagne… You guys are my kind of pirates! The conch fritters sound devine to me – I love the hush puppies.
    Keep up the fun – I want to hear more 🙂

  • May 31, 2007 at 1:00 pm

    Sounds like y’all are having a totally great time.

    Key West sounds alot like Nassau Bahamas. Going to the Pirate Museum and trying Conch Fritters was the two main things we did in Nassau.

    When I go to Key West, I want to go to the Southern Most Point of the Continental U.S.
    Don’t know why, it’s just thing.

    I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear you say that you spent $400 on purses…

    I found the conch fritters the same as you, not too bad. I liked all the bread, it disguised the taste of the conch.

    Yeah, the Captain don’t mingle. We just go for the free drinks.

  • May 31, 2007 at 1:04 pm

    Shit chick, 3 purses? 400 bucks? Man! Remember the Coach purse I bought? It’s not been used since. LOL. It’s somewhere in a closet.. Stupid me to have bought it. But oh well..

    This is like the perfect holiday for you. Read, eat, sleep and drink. So home tomorrow?

    Keep enjoying the both of ya! And I wanna see pics damnit!

  • May 31, 2007 at 2:34 pm

    Mixing your champagne??? Oh no!! Sounds like you had a full day, but where is the part where you met the hot pirates who wanted to ravage you gals???? Have heard alot about food, but not about hot men??

    What a Coach binge you are on! You’ll have to send pics!!

  • May 31, 2007 at 7:29 pm

    I would want all 3 purses for $80,LOL.I would have a cardiac at the thought of spending $400! I am a cheapskate,though-I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $25 on a purse.Good thing,too,b/c I am hard on them,I haul way too much crap around & literally throw them into my car when I get in,LOL.

    I betcha I’ve had conch fritters,but since we moved away from Key West when I was four,I remember very little.

    FREE DRINKS,YESSSS!!!!!! And on lobster night,even! You know champagne & I will never be friends again,but I would’ve tried my best to put a serious dent in the scotch or rum supply,yummy!

    It will be hard to top day 2,with the lobster and free drinks,EG!

  • May 31, 2007 at 8:09 pm

    I am so jealous. It is rainy, crap and cold here. Have to have a fire going or I’d freeze my little toot off.

    I had to share esp with your pirates theme!, “Pirates of the Caribbean started here in NZ a week or so ago and one of the little kids at school told us that he was off to see, “Pirates of the Caravan Park.” Cracked us up. He is Indian and has the cutest accent!

  • June 1, 2007 at 11:20 am

    I’m loving your adventures girl. I prolly would have paid for the pirate museum though. Then again, when food and drink are involved, those are definite priorities! Sounds like CoCo and ViVi are having a blast and I can’t wait for the pics!!!


  • June 2, 2007 at 6:13 pm

    Nancy, you would love the conch fritters! I think they tasted better then hush puppies.

    I think most of the cruise stops all of the same look and feel to them. I do like the laid back feel to key west.

    I know, it’s ridiculous I spent that much money on the purses, I can’t believe I spent that kind of money either honestly. Almost the cost of my cruise. You know when you are on vacation you just spend more money then you would normally. I blame it on vacation fever, LOL.

    Se, Nes did the same thing. She bought a purse she would never buy except she was on vacay, unlike her, I will use them, LOL.

    No men that we lusted after. Good thing I had great company! The champagne tasted great with fruit punch!

    Bo, I used to have a $20 limit on purses, I don’t know what happened to me, LOL. I got sucked up into the moment. I can’t resist a sale!

    Dang, just looking at the lobster pic makes me crave lobster again, LOL.

    That sounds like a fun movie Sarah, maybe he should start working on his screenplay!

    Hey Ro, the only thing I regret about the museum is you had to do the tour to take a pic, they wouldn’t just let us do that. I know Su really wanted one but that pic would have ended up costing us $24! I didn’t want it that bad, LOL.


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