Every Queen Needs a Castle

I went to a wedding reception on Friday night for some tennis friends of Nes’ and it was held in a castle! Even better then that we got to stay the night there! We stayed in Castle Assumburg which is currently a hostel. So I did sleep with three men that night, we all had bunk beds, LOL. What a great idea to have it somewhere people can drink all night long and then go crash in their room.

Of course I didn’t know anyone but Nes and JK but I had a blast. Some of these people JK has known for 25 years and it was so much fun watching them in action. JK can dance and they had these dance moves that totally impressed me. They dance, they kick, they jump around, my knees were hurting looking at them but it was so much fun!

But you know Nes and I were no wallflowers ourselves. We were out there shaking out groove thing almost as much as the boys. I had to change my shoes into flip flops halfway through the night. Not the sexiest thing in the world but my feet thanked me. But it is difficult to dance in flip flops, they don’t move as well on the dance floor, imagine that, LOL.

I really had a blast at the reception. Everyone goes there and really cut loose. There was a song that everyone sang to the couple and then one of JK’s friends wrote another song for the tennis friends to sing to them and there were traditional dances that they all participated in which I loved. I asked about the chicken dance because I have always wanted to go to a wedding where they did the chicken dance and I have been denied everytime. When JK told me they invented the chicken dance I got very excited! But alas, my one disappointment of the night was there was no chicken dance so I had to console myself with YMCA.


I like to eat, sleep and experience the world, one meal at a time.

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  • July 9, 2006 at 8:21 pm

    It sounds like you had a blast at the wedding, AND got to sleep with 3 guys! I am glad Nes is showing you such a good time and JK is able to put up with you both. Miss you here in the states 🙂


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