Fred does Debbie

Now guess which one of us if Fred and which one is Debbie (as in Debbie Does Dallas).

Now why would Fred say this of sweet little old me? I have no idea. Fred was actually the only Irish bartender in the pub that night and as you can tell, he was a pistol. He actually gave me a balloon that night with those words on it. I cherished the balloon all night until I got back to my hotel room where it met the same fate that the rose the internet cafe guy gave me, I am a fickle pickle I guess, LOL.

We had so much fun at this Irish pub because we had so much fun with the bartenders and the bartenders had fun with us. How could they not. This is Pete (he’s 21) and Fred.

Pete was actually very sweet and he had those apple cheeks but he would dance when I asked him to dance which you know I loved and asked often. Of course, his version of dancing was a little wiggle of the hips but you know it tickled me.

And then there was Dave. Oh so young Dave. Sorry this pic is blurry, JK had been drinking and apparently the automatic focus was too much for him.

Now Dave I would have taken home in a heartbeat except for one little factor, he was 18! Such a pity. OK, I would have had him take me home since I was sharing a room with Nes and JK, LOL. I liked Dave a lot and when he is old enough to drink legally in the states, I’ll have him look me up, I’ll only get better with age, LOL. I swear, the boys in Spain are young!

We also had fun with the clientele there, laughing and drinking up a storm. Turns out they have a video cam set up outside of the restrooms which they informed me of once I got back (the restrooms are upstairs). So when Nes went to the restroom the macarena was playing so she danced for the cam. When I went to the restroom again (you know I spend a lot of time peeing when I’m not drunk, add alcohol to the mix, I practically live there!) I did the twist cause that was playing and then mooned the camera, you could hear the whole bar, LOL. Yeah, we’d been drinking for awhile. Luckily for them World Cup soccer was on so we didn’t get to sing karaoke. That would have made us even more memorable, but not in a good way *G*.


I like to eat, sleep and experience the world, one meal at a time.

0 thoughts on “Fred does Debbie

  • July 7, 2006 at 7:17 am

    Hey Leiha! Looks like you and the darlin’ Nes (Hi Nes & JK!) are have a complete blast and am loving your blog.

    It looks like you are working on your “quota” in this picture, ummmm, if you recall our last conversation before you left the states? Hmmmm? You are working on that I hope and don’t forget, and I know you will not, IT IS ALL IN THE DETAILS, baby!

    You better get going on that assignment, chica as I am cracking the whip over here! LOL

    Have fun and miss ya and big (((HUGS))) to Nes!


  • July 7, 2006 at 11:27 pm

    That’s practically kiddie porn!

  • July 8, 2006 at 4:06 pm

    Of course it was was a good time,what else would you expect from an Irish pub,LOL .I can tell you’ve spent time on the beach,too-you have a good tan going on there,Pucca.*G*
    Aw,hell,I would say go for it,but he IS just barely legal,LOL .Not for drinks though,dammit! *G* You look like you were having lots of fun-and I think that’s one of the things I love best about you-you always seem to be in good spirits & able to have fun no matter where you are.It balances out moody,pessimistic friends like me,right? *G*


  • July 9, 2006 at 2:59 am

    Hey Christy! Great to see you posting! LOL, yes, I do recall our last conversation in the states. I’m already woefully behind, sorry, LOL.

    Michael, I can’t believe that you of all people are giving me grief, LOL. I didn’t do anything, I was a good girl, for a change, LOL.

    Thanks Bo! You are so sweet and you weren’t moody or pessimistic when we hung out so I have no idea what you are talking about, LOL.


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