Feliz horas

Now you all know those two words put together are enough to warm my heart. We walked a different way home from the beach after more tapas and some sangria de cava and we saw that there was an Irish pub that had happy hour from 7 – 9. Our hotel has happy hour from 8:30 to 9:30 so the plan was for a quick siesta and then off to happy hour with some food thrown in there later on somewhere.

First we wanted to get some ice cream so we stopped at this place right next to our hotel. The ice cream had been calling me for days. When we sat down to eat our ice cream or rather gelato we noticed a sign that said happy hour 5 – 7. Guess what time it was?

Bye bye siesta, hello early happy hour! We went with the sangria de cava. They had even more fruit in theirs, strawberries, mango and bananas as well as the lemons and oranges that we were used to. It was way prettier then the other one we had but the flavor wasn’t as good but you know I enjoyed eating the fruit. The plan was to take showers in shifts so that we could enjoy as much of the happy hour as possible. Since we had 4 liters here along with the liter we had at the tapas place I decided to eat a burger, it wasn’t that great but thank goodness I had it. Poor Nes did not and there wasn’t as much food in our future as we had planned since we went on to the next happy hour.

The Irish Pub was a blast and two of the three bartenders were British and since it was the Fourth of July I had fun with them. The pub was really dead when we got there but that was ok, we sat at the bar and played with the bartenders. We never did make it back to the hotel. We spent the night taking tons of pics and drinking tons of drinks! I have no idea what this green concoction the bartender came up with but it was yummie! We were supposed to shoot it but I kept drinking mine, LOL. We actually left the bar to get some food next door, some croquettes, I didn’t like mine, so I gave it to JK and then we ended up going back to the bar. Holland doesn’t have happy hour, Nes had already warned me, so we had to take advantage of it while in Spain and then of course, keep drinking.


I like to eat, sleep and experience the world, one meal at a time.

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