Sangria de Cava

OK, I have a new love. If you read my my blog on a regular basis you know constantly have new loves and you know the love usually involves food or drink and in this case it’s a new drink! Since we didn’t really know where to go and there were a plethora of restaurant choices we asked the woman at registration where to go to get good paella, you so know I had to have some. She recommended this place right on the beach, Cal Toni, not much to look at but great food, sounded perfect. We were ravenous. So we all ordered apps to go along with our paella. They ordered mussels again but I went with the little fish which were basically batter fried smelt. I saw someone else eating them and had to try. They were pretty good but the asian version is better, LOL.

Next up we had to figure out what to drink. We asked was a sangria de cava was, it was a champagne verion of sangria! Hell yes! We were all about it. I am not much of a red wine drinker but I do enjoy the bubbly. It was soooo yummie. We had to have another liter. Let me just say, this became my drink of choice in Spain, why have regular sangria when you can have sangria de cava!

Now I don’t want to belittle dinner while rhapsodizing about my drink. The paella was divine. We ate until we got so full we just started picking the squid out of the dish for JK. Of course, it could have had something to do with us basically making entrees into starters, you should have seen the waitors eyes when we ordered. Nes counted out the shrimp to make sure she got her fair share. Then she wanted the ones with the claws but then she decided the others were bigger, too late, LOL.

We stopped someone at the beach on the way to dinner to take our picture. We wanted a pre-gorging picture. You notice there’s not pics taken after gorging.


I like to eat, sleep and experience the world, one meal at a time.

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