Hola, que tal?

It´s 6am, what the freak am I doing up? I´m blogging of course! It was hot as heck last night but I got about 5 good hours of sleep. Guess what I´ll be doing when we hit the road today?
After our siesta yesterday, you so know I was siesta-ing, we all got ready and headed out the door. I even put make-up on since all of the pics prior to that I was looking a tad road worn (why, I have no idea since I slept so much, LOL). OK, maybe it wasn´t road worn so much as dirty!

When Nes and I were walking around earlier we walked by a restaurant where everyone at the table was eating a plate full of mussels. Immediately we knew that was where we were eating dinner. First we went out to have some more sangrias to get the night started right.

Hello, I´m in Spain, the evening couldn´t be any more right but you know what I mean. Then we walked down to Restaurant Bahia for dinner. We were staying in the middle of town so everything is in walking distance and you know it must be small to be walking distance for me.

We ordered the 13 euro prix fix menu which of course featured mussels as the first course (3 courses, 13 euro!!!! Party time!!!!) Our plates were piled high full of mussels! I swear, if we were going to stay another night I would be eating mussels for dinner again tonight, they were so delish. We were literally scooping up the sauce it was cooked in with the shells and slurping it up.

We all also ordered the grilled squid. It could have used a little sauce itself but I realy enjoyed it, the veggies were bland too. But the mussels made up for everything and did I mention the price? For dessert we had a choice between flan and creme brulee (we had no idea this was creme brulee but Nes and JK ordered it anyway). OMG, both desserts were so awesome. Nancy, you would have been all over the creme brulee!

I mentioned the price did I also mention that included in the price was a glass of wine? So far, I have not been disappointed in my food experiences here in Español.

Today we are off again. They told me where but I don´t remember. They keep changing the itinerary on me, LOL. So we´re going to eat breakfast, shower and get on the road again. I figure I´ll tell you where I am, once I know, LOL.


I like to eat, sleep and experience the world, one meal at a time.

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  • July 3, 2006 at 4:08 am

    I am super jealous!!! Spain is on my lists of places I have to visit before I die! The closest I have been to an out of the country experience was going for sushi this past Saturday to celebrate my birthday *G* Glad you are having a fab time! Can’t wait to hear about where you are going next!

  • July 3, 2006 at 4:00 pm

    That’s a pretty good deal-3 courses plus wine for the price-I had to check a currency converter just barely,being curious as to what US $$ is to a Euro.*G* Especially considering that it was seafood-that always seems to be expensive no matter where you go.I bet it’s kind of exciting,not really knowing where Nes & JK are taking you next! Being spontaneous on vacation is good,more fun that way! Now,have you taken pics of some of the scenery yet? *G* Man-scenery is good,too-in the event that you run across Antonio Banderas’ hotter secret brother,you know? *G*


  • July 6, 2006 at 4:54 am

    I hope that you had a fabulous birthday Laurie! You definitely have to save your money and come to Spain one day, you would love it here!

    I’m not exactly sure what the conversion rate is but I do know that the dollar is weaker, figures, knowing my luck, LOL. Yeah, it’s been fun just winging it and going whever JK says we were going for the day. They just wake me up when we get there, LOL.


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