Beauty and Brains

That´s what JK says I have, I really like Nes´ hubby, LOL. I am typing this from Cadaquez, Spain. Nes and I are at an internet cafe while JK naps. It´s a much deserved nap since JK drove the entire way here. He is a total rock star. The original plan was to stop in Dijon for the night but JK decided to push on through. We did stop in Dijon for dinner and while the mustard was good, nothing else about our meal was, well, the cheese was, JK´s anyways, the cheese I ordered tasted like plain yogurt, ugh!
But I digress, I haven´t even told you about our road trip. You all know I am so not the road warrior and JK and Nes got to see that first hand. While JK was driving for hours on end, I was sleeping. I swear, I could not keep my eyes open for the life of me. I literally slept through almost every country we went through. The only time I was awake was when we stopped. I slept through Luxembourg but that was the size of a city so I didn´t miss much, LOL.
We stopped in Bastogne in Belgium the site of a memorial for the US soldiers who fell during the Battle of the Bulge. I admit, I do not know my history too well and really had no interest in stopping but it´s a powerful monument.

Our next stop was our disastrous meal in Dijon, the food was such a disappointment.

I would have been happier eating one of Nes´meatball sandwiches which is yummie, let me tell you. At about 5am this morning we hit Spain, of course they had to wake me up for the monoumentous occasion as I was sleeping (in my defense I had been averaging 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night) and we hit Cadaques a little after 6am. I won´t go into the scary ass ride through the narrow streets that were about 90 degrees downhill but it was nice to wander through the city while everyone else was asleep.

Since we were here so early we couldn´t find a hotel since they wouldn´t know until people checked out if they had rooms or not so we went to the beach at 9am (after eating breakfast, I had a yummie cheese sammich). There was only a couple of other people there at that time of day so we literally crashed on the beach. The water off of the Mediterranean is gorgeous, so clear you can see the fiah (one of those little shits bit me). We all fell asleep right away and when we woke up the beach was crowded. Too bad there were no hot Spaniards but lots of families, LOL. Since my breasteses got burnt from their last exposure to the out of doors I kept them covered most of the time. Eventually I let them run free as they were meant to do.

Afterwards we got our hotel in the center of town. The location is perfect. While they cleaned our rooms we went to lunch (you know it´s all about food). We sat around for hours eating tapas and drinking sangria.

You all know I´m not a big wine drinker but when in Rome, or Spain as the case may be, LOL. Nes and I already found the place where we want to eat dinner, good thing we just finished lunch, LOL.

Cadaques is beautiful. Exactly how you would picture a coastal Spanish town. Tomorrow we´re off to our next destination. I would tell you where but it always seems to be changing, LOL.


I like to eat, sleep and experience the world, one meal at a time.

0 thoughts on “Beauty and Brains

  • July 2, 2006 at 5:55 am

    I can´t believe she slept the whole time! I have a great pic of her sleeping in the car, drool on the side her mouth…. LOL! So who wants to see it?

    Let the bidding begin!!!!

  • July 2, 2006 at 8:51 am

    I think it’s really sweet that JK says you have beauty and brains. He must have been very, very, tired from the driving. 🙂

    (I’m switching to Su lingo) I’m so sorry the food is a** in Dijon. I would have loved to have eaten Nes ‘meatballs’ too.

    Your poor burned titties!! The girls will heal soon enough. You’ll be able to set ’em loose in no time.

    Still no hotties in Spain?? Inconceivable!! How’s a girl supposed to get some hot Mediterranean loving??

    I’m so jealous over your tapas and sangria I can hardly type! 🙂 Girl, tapas is some good eatin’.

    By the way, I can receive emails, but cannot send them out for the next few days. More details on that later. That’s why you haven’t heard back from me recently. Keep the pictures coming!! Can’t wait to see Spain!!

    You are taking lots of pictures of the food, right??


  • July 2, 2006 at 5:40 pm

    I totally understand your need for road food-I try and stock up whenever we take a trip anywhere-Richard eats junk food like no tomorrow on road trips. I guess it isn’t too awful that you napped most of the way there,it was probably too dark to see much of the countryside anyways,right? *G*
    I’m surprised your meal in Dijon was so bad,isn’t French food supposed to be delish? Now,German food,I’ve heard,can be nasty sometimes.I’m with Su on the no hotties thing,c’mon,it’s Spain-home of Antonio Banderas-he can’t be the only man-candy the country ever had,right? *G* You need a hot Spainiard w/ a sexy accent to minister to your chi-chis,make them feel better! *G*


  • July 2, 2006 at 9:42 pm

    Hey there! Don´t be pimping me out! I do that enough. She hasn´t shown me this pic, I´m guessing Nes is worried I will try and delete it. Don´t worry, I say payback is a bitch!

    Su, you would have LOVED Nes meatballs, all meet and very BIG. We know you like big!

    I think the hottie quotient will go up soon. Nes says we´re going to an area with more hotties. But we did see a couple of cute Spàniards last night. I really should lift my head up from my plate more. But good news, at least I´m taking pics of the food, LOL.

    Bo, I love your idea! I´m off in search of a hot Spaniard to administer to my chi chis!


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